The National Information Workers Association of Namibia (NIWAN) is ready to host SCECSAL 2020.  The national organising committee was formed to ensure that SCECSAL 2020 will be a success, the committee comprises of representatives from different member institutions:

Chairperson               : Dr. Chiku Mchombu- UNAM HRDC

Vice-Chairperson      : Mr. Wilhelm Uutoni- UNAM- Department of Information and Communication studies

Secretary                    : Ms. Foibe Shaambeni- NUST Library

Deputy Secretary      : Ms. Paulina Hamukwaya- Goethe Institute

Treasurer                  : Ms. Ritva Niskara- UNAM Library

Deputy Treasurer     : Mrs. Sabina Negumbo- NLAS

Publicity                     : Ms. Sylvia Umana- NUST Library

Member                      : Ms. Elizabeth Matheus- NLAS

Member                      : Ms. Helena Nambili- UNAM Library

Member                      : Mr. Bertold Kalipi- City of Windhoek

Member                      : Mrs. Aletta Dunn- NLAS

Member                      : Ms. Zanjinganjinga Ndjarakana- Ministry of Agriculture

Member                      : Mrs. Sylvia Katjepunda- NIPAM

Member                      : Ms. Hilya P. Robert – Parliament Library

Member                      : Mr Frans Amakali – Bank of Namibia

Member                      :Ms Namutenya Hamwaalwa – NLAS

Member                      :Ms Miriam Minen – IUM

Members of  National Organising Committee

Members of the National Organising Committee visited the speakers of National Assembly on 7th March 2019. The objective of the visit was to brief him on the preparation of the conference.