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GUEST OF HONOUR: Honorable Speaker, Professor Peter Hitjitevi Katjavivi – Member, and Speaker of the National Assembly will be our Guest of Honour at the inauguration of the SCECSAL 2020 conference on the 20th April 2020.


Inclusive Libraries and Information Services Toward Achieving Prosperity for Sustainable Development in Africa

Call for Local Exhibitors

Call for International Exhibitors

Guidelines for Authors

Call for Posters - Deadline is 28 February 2020

More than 60 papers will be presented from the following subthemes

  1. Access to information: issues and challenges (e.g Marrakesh Treaty; Cape Town Declaration)
  2. African libraries as drivers of the national development agenda.
  3. Digital Scholarship and Open Access
  4. Good Governance: Accountability, transparency and ethics by information professionals and records managers
  5. Inclusive libraries and library services: good practices and success stories
  6. Information for empowerment:  achieving human rights, gender equality and empowering women and children with information through libraries and information centres.
  7. Information literacy and the Knowledge Economy
  8. Indigenous Knowledge & Preservation of Cultural Heritage
  9. Innovative digital technology-based library and information services in Africa
  10. Specialised information services in support of development
    (e.g. in agriculture, climate change, health, environment,
    industrialisation agenda, etc.).
Countdown to SCECSAL XXIV

More than 60 papers from Botswana; Eswatini, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United States of America, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Actual Topics - 10 Sub-themes

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