The Namibia Information workers Association (NIWA) is ready to host SCECSAL 2020.  The national organising committee was formed to ensure that SCECSAL 2020 will be a success, the committee comprises of representatives from different member institutions:

Chairperson               : Dr. Chiku Mchombu- UNAM HRDC

Vice-Chairperson      : Mr. Wilhelm Uutoni- UNAM- Department of Information and Communication studies

Secretary                    : Ms. Foibe Shaambeni- NUST Library

Deputy Secretary      : Ms. Paulina Hamukwaya- Goethe Institute

Treasurer                  : Ms. Ritva Niskara- UNAM Library

Deputy Treasurer     : Mrs. Sabina Negumbo- NLAS

Publicity                     : Ms. Sylvia Umana- NUST Library

Member                      : Ms. Elizabeth Matheus- IUM Library

Member                      : Ms. Helena Nambili- UNAM Library

Member                      : Mr. Bertold Kalipi- City of Windhoek

Member                      : Mrs. Aletta Dunn- NLAS

Member                      : Ms. Zanjinganjinga Ndjarakana- Ministry of Agriculture

Member                      : Mrs. Sylvia Katjepunda- NIPAM

Member                      : Ms. Hilya P. Robert – Parliament Library

The organizing committee